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Balrog breakfast - w00t? *sleepy*

Must've been the breeze from the east ~

Actually, I didn't sleep at all last night, so right now I'm in a weird mood. I'm getting all these SMS's from all these people and I hardly know what to answer them at all. It's like, my brain's having a holiday, and the rest of the body's just a mess. Pleeease, wake me up before I gogo..
*rub his eyes*

Anyways, today, it's a huuuuuge gathering at an apartment. Or, well, not that huge, only about 14 people. But then again, stuff 14 people in one apartment floor, and you'll see how full up it'll seem. ^^

I'm a little exited, tho not as much as I want to be, must be because I didn't sleep. Hmmm... Heh, and yeah. It was stormy last night, with the wind banging the side of our house. Like a gigantic hammer or something, threatning to knock it over any second. At the thought of it, I felt kinda bad for those who doesn't have a home. :/

Oh well, I'm no superhero ~ If I could, I would help'em any way that I can. I'll do anything as long as it's anything at all ~ ^^

Oh! And I've brought with me Emma, my laptop. <3 She's great, I wonder what I would've done without her. <3

~ Zaty


Shitty weekend..

Hmmm, I hate these days.

'Cuz I hate myself.

It's been 4 weeks of illness, and my body's as weak as I was back at pre-school. Fuck, hate it Z___Z
And the worst part is, because of the illness I've just had I'm not allowed to do training and such that involves me getting tired, either by breathing heavily or by working my muscles. It stinks! I'm a wreck now...

So the weekend was as weak as expected. Shitty weekend...
Oh well, today I've been at work, thinking on stuff that's not actually work... I'm, like, stressed and not focused. Confused and a little frightened. I'll spare you the details, I'm just tired of living, y'know. There's no actual meaning to it yet, so I'm trying desperately to find this hidden meaning.


Oh well, atm I said to myself to think about strawberries instead, just beacuse that was the first thing I could think of to distract my other thoughts. But as I wrote this, my mind slided right back to the other thoughts, so I'm getting like more and more depressed. 
Hopefully I'll manage this week and prolly buy a lot of presents. :3



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